…If you live in Laval, there are no brainers…

Feel like having a good Poutine, its at Gérard’s (or Belle Pros) that its’ at!

When you feel like moving, easy, head to the Basketball court!

When wanting to chill at your B.F’s place, it’s not complicated, take the bus-line at the corner of the dep. near your house, headed towards their district!

When you’re not feeling so well do you know where to go? when you need someone to help you, a little nudge to get you farther ahead?

It’s the same as everything else, you just need to develop the right “reflex”…

Got my info? is an online resource guide of all available community resources in Laval that are there to help you.  Go to gotmyinfo.com to find this wealth of resources for you!

As-tu mon numéro? / Got my info? is launching a sensitization campaign in order to make youth community resources more widely known for the youth of Laval. This promotional campaign is the result of the work of a pilot committee from the public health department of the CISSS de Laval for promoting positive mental health and substance abuse prevention for youth.  The launching of this first video, therefore, aims to:

  • Reach Laval youth
  • Develop their reflex to use this online resource guide
  • To make youth aware of community resources for them in Laval.

Got my info? is an interactive web site for all Laval youth, their parents and all helping professionals in various areas working with youth (school network, municipal level, health and social services and community sector).

Got my info? is an initiative from la Table jeunesse du Marigot, regroupement d’une trentaine de partenaires lavallois working on this project since 2006 with the mission to make better known resources available for youth in Laval.

Since 2017, the As-tu mon numéro ? committee , is supported by the Comité régional École Pivot, a concerted regional committee committed specifically to ties between school-community/Community schools to fight against school drop out and to promote school perseverance.

The As-tu mon numéro ? committee , is composed of representatives from la Commission scolaire de Laval, CISSS de Laval, city of Laval, and community organizations, such as The Youth and Parents Agape Association Inc., with the support of ALPABEM .

The translation of this web site was made possible by Agape’s partnership with the Comité régional École Pivot, the As-tu mon numéro ? committee and the Community Health and Social Service Network (CHSSN). The CHSSN sponsors 21 networks across Quebec in the Networking and Partnership Initiative (NPI), including Agape, to support Quebec’s minority English-speaking communities in improving and maintaining access to a full range of health and social services. Funding for the NPI is provided by Health Canada and the project is managed by the CHSSN.


This web site does not offer online intervention services. Got my info? wishes to make available information concerning services offered to Laval Youth and young adults, and at the same time to make referrals to various organizations in Laval easier.

Having no control over the external web sites to which this directory directs you, Got my info? declines all responsibility in regards to the availability, the quality or nature of services and the content which is presented.