TÉVA LAVAL (Transition de l’École à la Vie Active)
A concerted initiative to help with the transition from school to an active life for all Laval youth with an intellectual disability.

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Le comité du Plan de Transition École-Vie Active de Laval (Comité TÉVA de Laval)

The mandate of this committee is to assure that the transition from school to an active life is put to work for all Laval youth, who are willing, with a disability. The work undertaken in this committee is for youth who have a disability or incapacity, with or without a diagnosis. This could mean, intellectual, physical, sensorial, developmental disorder, or even mental health problem. We wish to emphasize that the work of this committee concerns as much the French-speaking as the English-speaking population of Laval. The TEVA committee of Laval is made up of twenty partners from the region, from different sectors, who are concerned by the reality of people who are disabled.


Cadre de référence TÉVA (Février 2015) 

An initiative of the  TRIVAT  : Table régionale Intégration Vie Active et Travail de Laval.

To reach the contact person for the region: contact@plantransitionlaval.com

Age: 15-21

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